These are the raid rules for the Core Raid. Your raid leader is Ptulgothgar (bnet tag Ptulgothgar#1126)

A few requirements for our raid group:


  • DBM (Deadly Boss Mods): Absolutely required. No exceptions.

  • GTFO: Suggested. A good addon just in case you stand in stuff. Everyone stands in stuff from time to time. This will tell you if you do.

  • DispelFrames/Decursive/Healbot or some way to indicate the need for a dispelling a debuff: Required if you can do the aforementioned and need the assistance.

  • Any other necessary raid addons or mods will be assigned.


Discord is what we use to communicate during raid, and it's required for every raider to have. There is a link to all our Discord information on the SOS Brigade info tab in the guild menu. You don't have to have a working mic (although it's strongly suggested you do), but you do have to be able to hear. Even though casual chatter will be permitted, there are certain expectations for chatter:

  • At no time will there be any type of rude, offensive, or derogatory chatter. I do NOT allow players to insult/flame each other in raid, period. If it occurs, you will receive one warning, and if it occurs again, you will be removed from raid for the night, if not permanently. There are no exceptions to this.

  • Constructive criticism will be permitted through contacting myself as raid leader, or the designated assistant raid leader through whispers. Just because other people blurt out suggestions, doesn't mean that you should.

  • Once a ready check is given on a boss, all casual chatter must stop and everyone's attention is then to be given to the raid at hand. Casual chat is fine during trash as long as the trash is going down effectively. Farm content is considered casual content as well.


Loot will be on master loot for raids, and will be decided on and awarded by the raid leader or an assigned master looter. There are many factors that go into this decision: upgrades for current items, attendance to raids, loot already awarded from the raid, etc. Loot will be linked in chat and available for all to see. If there is anything that the raid leader or the master looter has overlooked, contact Ptulgothgar or the master looter. This will ensure that loot is fair and that no one member gets special priority over any other raid members. If you feel that you may have received loot unfairly, you may contact Ptulgothgar or the loot master. You will not be penalized for our mistake if you decide to keep your loot. Raid leaders aren't perfect, so we don't expect you to be.

To receive loot or put in a bid for loot, you are to do as follows:

  1. If you are replacing an item for MS, then link the item you are replacing and your item level to the loot master. If there are two items for that slot (ie. Rings, trinkets, weapons) be sure to link both. Be honest or be sorry.

  2. If there are no requests for MS and you want the item for OS, then core members may roll on the item.

  3. If no one wants it, it will be disenchanted and mats received will be available to raiders on an as needed basis. These mats will need to be requested through Ptulgothgar or the loot master so that the distribution is fair.


Be on time. You will be expected to be logged in at least 15 minutes early to prepare for raid and receive invites. We will pull trash at 10 PM. If you are late, then you forfeit your eligibility for loot that night. If you can't make it, post to the Facebook page, in game mail or regular email to Ptulgothgar, text or contact Ptulgothgar in all of the many methods of relaying your message. There is no excuse for an unexcused absence. Communication is important and integral to the team effort; if you let me know ahead of time, you will not be penalized. Raid leaders are slave drivers but we're not completely heartless.


  • Be prepared for the fight. Read up on fights, watch videos, and do everything that is necessary to improve the raid's chances of success. Your success will lead to our success.

  • Don't waste time. Run back when we wipe. If we call a mass resurrection, then it won't be necessary, but mass res. will not be necessary if you run back. See how that works?

  • Know your role and activate necessary buffs. This should really go without saying, but we are never safe from slackers.

  • Everyone is required to be on Mumble. You don't have to talk, but you must be on to listen. We expect exceptional listening skills.

  • You are responsible for your own repairs, food, flasks, etc... Do not expect handouts.

  • Remember that getting the kill is the most important thing. Your DPS and HPS is not. If we find that you are more concerned about numbers than the guild's success, then we are not the guild for you. You may have exceptional DPS/HPS, but if you can't work with the team or you're dead, then your DPS/HPS means nothing. There are DPS checks and healing checks and that will be your time to shine but mechanics still take precedence.

  • Maintain your composure and keep your attitude in check. Everyone gets upset sometimes and that is completely acceptable. What is not acceptable is taking your frustration out on the raid. That's the raid leader's job. If you have a problem, talk to your officers. No egos allowed.

  • Do Not click "Not Ready" ever! If you are not ready, just let the timer run out. It saves us from having to do another ready check if you are able to be ready by the end of the timer.
  • Players are required to be available at all times. If you need to be afk, Ptulgothgar needs to be notified. Communication is the key. This includes being alt-Tabbed. Don't waste other people's time. If you're wasting people's time, you will be asked to step out.

Drama: Drama is an inevitable part of any group whether it be work, friends, house mates, family, etc. so raid groups are no exception. Having said that, there will be very little tolerance for any drama in the guild. If there is an issue, then please bring it up with Haru or Ptulgothgar. Everyone has their buttons and some people have different buttons, and in a large group those buttons are likely to get pressed, but be smart and contact your officers. Do not discuss religion, politics, or any other hot button issue. It is very easy to accidentally escalate a reasonable conversation about these topics and there will be very little tolerance for it. We are reasonable people. We will try to help you work it out, but you can either work with us or not work with us at all.

Trialing Process

Players that want to become members of the core raid must go through a trialing process. The trialing process has a few exceptions, but most players will go through the regular trialing process. If you are a player that has less experience and less gear than the least experienced and least geared core member then you will go through the normal trialing process. If you have equal to or greater experience or gear than our least experienced and least geared player, then you will go through an evaluation process. Nobody is exempt from going through at least one or both of these processes. In order to maintain a high standard of quality in our raid, the trialing process may be extended at Ptulgothgar's discretion. If a core member chooses to switch to a different character, they must go through trials under the same conditions.

Normal Trialing Process

The normal trialing process will take place over a minimum of a three week period. Trialing will take place on Tuesdays at 10pm or at a convenient time for the raid. Core members may be on alts to supplement whatever roles are missing. The trial player must show proficiency in boss mechanics as well as their own class mechanics. Trials must show the ability to take on, at the very least, minor responsibilities. Consistency and attendance are factors of consideration. DPS numbers and healing numbers are minor factors and will be reviewed upon admission to the evaluation process. Trials must be within 15 ilvls of the lowest geared member of the core group in order to be promoted to the evaluation process. Personality will also be considered. Nobody wants to play with a drama queen or an arrogant asshole. Leave your ego at the door.

If a trial fails to meet the standards set by this guideline, they will not be promoted to the evaluation process. They may continue to remain in the trialing process in order to gain raiding experience, gear, or potentially be promoted to core at a later date. Remaining in the trialing raid group does not guarantee nor improve your chances of being promoted to the evaluation process unless the other criteria are met.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process will take place during the core alt raid. If the evaluated trial shows proficiency in their class, raid mechanics, role mechanics, and follows the rules of the raid, then they will be allowed to join the core group during the next core raid night as a bench member. The next available raid will typically be that Saturday unless there are extenuating circumstances. If the evaluated trial shows that they are able to contribute in the core progression run, then they will be allowed to participate in particular fights until consideration for a core member spot.

Bench Member

All the benefits of a core member, but you are still below core members.

Core Member Spot

A core member will have priority on loot over a trials and evaluated trials. They will be guaranteed a raid spot unless they prove that they are no longer worthy of being a core member, don't need gear for a particular boss, raid composition requires different core raiders, or there are special circumstances that have been addressed by Ptulgothgar. If a core member steps down from a core spot, or is removed from a core spot, that spot will be filled by a bench member that is chosen by Ptulgothgar. If any previous core member chooses to come back, they will be able to join the core raid as a bench member.


This is a guideline for raiders and not a complete set of rules. Use your good judgment and common sense. If you choose to be an idiot or devise a new age manner in which to be an idiot, then we will not hesitate to remove you from the guild. Don't be an idiot. Learn to communicate with your officers. We are cooperative people and are willing to listen to you, but we are not responsible for your actions if you are not responsible enough to communicate with us.